Most digital pianos have their speakers placed underneath the keyboard. Now, the P-125 is technically a newer instrument as it hasn’t been on the market nearly as long as the ES110 has, however, these both continue to stack up really, really well. In case you haven’t found the instrument that suits your needs in this article, I’d like to provide some extra information that will hopefully help you find the right instrument. 5) They come in different color variations to better match your home’s interior. All in all, a good experience all round, but not without its’ compromises. This port is also known as USB to Device port or USB drive port. Speaking of resonance, the F-140R’s piano tones include organic elements such as String Resonance, Damper Resonance and Key Off simulation. Besides piano tones, there are other musical instrument sounds, including electric pianos, organs and strings. Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. If you’re looking for a digital piano that can do more than an average digital piano in terms of present sounds, rhythms and other bells-and-whistles, the Roland F-140R is the way to go. Multi-track recording (2 and more tracks) allows you to record several musical parts onto separate tracks and play them back as a single song. However, you don’t have to spend multiple grand to buy a quality digital piano. The concert grand piano sound on the Yamaha YDP-184 uses the Yamaha CFX Sound Engine, which as you’d expect, samples Yamaha’s CFX Concert Grand Piano. A useful tool for practice that will help develop your rhythmic and timekeeping skills by providing a steady beat to play along with. This keyboard uses a 3-sensor key detection system that facilitates playing trills and fast passages. When it comes to sound, Korg doesn’t cut corners either. On top of that you get over 150 preset songs, including some classical masterpieces and some pieces from Czerny and Hanon. KDP110. Again, it’s a sampled sound, so it doesn’t come with the benefits of a modelled sound like the Roland RP-501R. A lot has been said about this action, and as of today it’s one of my favorite key actions under $1,500. Casio AP470 $$ Buy. What’s also impressive is Casio’s attention to detail with the AiR sound chip; including things like pedal noise is a good step towards more realism and it’s highly appreciated. We know this because if you do a quick sort of Google Suggest, there’s people all over the world that are constantly trying to find comparisons between ES110 portable digital piano and the P-1… However, when you go back to playing a purely sampled piano, the sound just doesn’t feel quite right until you play the Roland again. Some advanced (classical) pieces require a full set of 88 keys. As I’ve mentioned, I wasn’t drawn to it in the way I was drawn to the other models on this list, but I have to say, when really listening to the piano I can appreciate the nice touches and nuances that Casio have added to the sound. I have to say that to fully appreciate this piano, you have to really, really listen to it. Now we come to the slightly cheaper option in the series; the Casio Celviano AP470. It’s constructed of particleboard that is just glued together. They give you more than enough power to comfortably play at your home without needing any external amplification. Just like the Kawai KDP110, the Casio allows you to change different piano characteristics to adjust the sound to your liking, which is not an available feature in the other pianos on this list. The G1 Air has beautiful curves inspired by the looks of a grand piano as well as gorgeous front legs for added support and more exquisite appearance. Alternatively, you can play back WAV and MIDI files (depends on the piano model) directly from the flash drive without loading them into the piano’s internal memory. The G1 Air is somewhat light on features, yet it does offer all the essentials. The piano features Korg’s flagship RH3 keyboard action found in their pro grade stage pianos and music workstations. All you get is brilliance, reverb and chorus, which you can adjust within 3 levels. Comparative Video of Kawai ES110 vs Roland FP30 vs Yamaha P115. I’ve also tried to include as much of a range as I can here, to account for all tastes and use cases. Here are all the models that made it onto this list – please welcome the best digital pianos under $1,500: It hasn’t even been 3 years since the previous generation of Arius instruments was introduced. Kawai ES8 $$$ Buy. As far as pedalling effects go, the Kawai ES8 doesn’t disappoint. These parameters include damper noise, string resonance, hammer response, lid simulator and key on/off action noise. Keyboards with fully weighted action often have adjustable touch-sensitivity so you can adjust it to your playing style. Duet Play is particularly useful when you use it with your teacher or tutor who will play you some tunes on one side of the keyboard, and you’ll be able to follow along on the other side, playing the exact same notes at the same time. They sound incredible, and you won’t be disappointed at all when playing using the internal speakers. This makes it extremely suitable for classical and jazz music that requires a lot of tonal variation and colour. You get the portability aspect, but the speakers are lacking; they only put out half the power as the Yamaha YDP-184, for example. While the Yamaha’s tone may be a tiny bit more authentic, I feel that it’s not quite as organic as Roland’s offering, and for that reason I had to pick the Roland first. And I must say, it’s really hard to compete with it at this price point. In total, it allows you to adjust 13 parameters responsible for different areas of the piano sound. The pedals are incredible; almost indistinguishable from a real Yamaha grand piano. This action is also quite quick, which makes it a bit more versatile, especially if you like to play some synths, electric pianos and organs (which inherently have light weighted keys). However, this isn’t true, as most pianos that I’ve tried in this price range do include three sensors, such as the Yamaha GH3 that we tried earlier on. However, it’s limited by the fact that it’s only a sampled sound engine rather than a modelled one, so again, it does feel a little artificial, and I would highly recommend trying a modelled piano if you are thinking of buying this one. Below is a video where you can compare the sound quality of Kawai, Yamaha and Roland on their digital pianos: Kawai ES110 vs Yamaha P115 vs Roland FP30 Portable Piano Comparison Demo. What’s interesting is that despite all that, Casio managed to make the AP-470 a worthwhile instrument by adding tons of features that you won’t find on other digital pianos in this price range. Kawai doesn’t really have a lot of instruments in this price category – the ES110 (portable) and the KDP110 are pretty much the only Kawai digital pianos you can get for under $1,500. Customer Service 800.221.5743 or 212.239.7765. In fact, the KDP110 provides arguably the most natural sounding and accurate piano sound, coupled with organic elements like damper resonance, key off resonance, lid simulator and hammer response. In other words, you don’t need to apply more power when playing further up the keys, which can be a real problem especially with some lower-end key actions. It uses real hammers to simulate the action of an acoustic piano. This does change the tone of the piano quite significantly; with the lid down it’s a more muffled, more subdued sound, but with the lid open it’s a much more clear, bright and crisp sound. Introduced at the end of 2015, the F-140R hasn’t lost its appeal, despite the fact that there are some newer models available on the market. You don’t need a separate cable for that. If you’re new to this market, it can be daunting to choose from dozens and dozens of different models and makes that all look very similar and have similar characteristics. It’s not a big deal nowadays as almost any $150+ keyboard have touch-sensitive keys regardless of its action type. Such apps usually enable you to control all the settings and functions of the instrument using an intuitive graphical interface. The highlight of the recent Celviano instruments is the new American piano tone sampled from a Steinway concert grand, which is not found on the Privia instruments. However, for the advanced player, you will really need to have a triple pedal unit to fully express yourself musically. This means you can wirelessly stream your favorite songs and backing tracks to the G1’s onboard speakers right from your phone or tablet. This adds more depth and detail to the sound, as it provides a much longer, more resonant decay than other sampled pianos. 3) Fully weighted (hammer action) is designed to replicate the action of a real piano. This allows you to use an iPad to alter aspects such as the voicing, damper resonance, damper noise, key-off effects and topboard noise (the position of the piano lid and how it affects the sound.) Note: In this article, we cover only console digital pianos. We’ve already covered the winners in the entry-level sub-$1,000 category, so now it’s time to talk about the intermediate segment of the digital piano market. September 11, 2020 at 3:07 pm . This VRM Technology really brings the YDP-184 to another level, and when I was playing it, absolutely everything responded and sounded the way I felt it should. The piano would be a perfect fit for smaller spaces, dorm rooms, and even hallways. The piano tone itself is sampled from Yamaha’s flagship CFX Concert Grand, which has quite a unique character and sounds different than a “typical” Yamaha sound (for the better, in my opinion). This is not Casio’s flagship action, and it appears in lots of their low to mid-range pianos and keyboards. My one criticism is that after a while, the sound can begin to feel a little artificial or fake; it’s almost too perfect, in a way. That’s the main reason why you’ll find three different piano tones sampled from three different grand pianos from different makers on the G1 Air. You also get the Casio Chordana app, which allows you not only to control all features and functions of the AP-470, but also to view sheet music (for the built-in songs) and to play and practice MIDI files, which will be displayed in the piano roll window. However, this might not be something you’d notice when listening passively. Note: If you prefer a slimmer and more modern looking design similar to the Roland F-140R and Korg G1, you might want to consider the YDP-S54 model, which is basically the same piano as the YDP-164, but in a different cabinet style. The speakers are excellent, and provide an immersive sound experience. The Roland F-140R is a furniture-style digital piano with a slim modern design. It pairs very well with the sound, making for an authentic experience. The piano sound; I love the tone and the resonance that the samples from the Shigeru Kawai Grand provide. All in all, however, this sound engine just doesn’t quite cut it when compared to the Yamaha and Roland we’ve already spoken about. There’s not much to say about the pedals on the AP-470. Modern acoustic pianos have 88 keys. As far as the best digital piano that sounds real, this is a very close contender. 21:05 . This provides increased sample memory in comparison to earlier sound engines by Kawai, and this makes it possible to use longer, more detailed samples. Another notable thing about the KDP110 is that is comes with 5 preset music books that you can listen to and practice right on the instrument. Das Roland RP501R ist das ideale Piano für Einsteiger, an dem auch erfahrene Pianisten ihre helle Freude haben werden. The Yamaha CLP675, Roland LX706 and Kawai CA78 models. The only reason I didn’t pick this sound over the Roland is because the Roland uses modelling technology and the Yamaha doesn’t. Roland RP501R $$$ Buy. These felt extremely satisfying to play; there is a good weight to them, but they’re not too stiff. I play a little, and my kids would like to learn as well. Some people describe this tone as a hybrid between Steinway, Bösendorfer and Yamaha grand pianos, with its mid-range leaning more towards the Steinway and the thunderous bass that resembles the Bösendorfer grand. It’s a fully weighted hammer action with a 3-sensor key detection system (for improved playability and note repetition), and simulated ivory and ebony key surfaces, which improve control and help absorb excessive moisture. It’s important, however, that you take your time and do your homework so you know you’re making an informed decision in buying the right instrument for yourself or your loved one. For example, you can play guitar with your left hand and piano with your right hand at the same time. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 7) Due to their larger, fancier cabinets, included pedals and powerful speaker systems, they often cost considerably more (up to 2 times more) than their portable counterparts with similar characteristics (same key action and sound engine). Please post your comments & reviews Cancel reply. I’m super happy that Kawai have managed to replicate the sound as well as they have in the ES8. 6) They usually have all the essentials, but you’ll rarely find tons of bells and whistles in these pianos, whether it’s a wide selection of preset sounds, connectivity options, rhythms, powerful recording capabilities, etc. Casio have developed a reputation for bringing excellent features at an affordable price, and the AP-470 is no exception. Pianos we hope to include (depending on product availability after production returns to normal) include the Kawai KDP110, Yamaha YDP-164, Yamaha P-515, Roland FP … However, the treble is not quite as bright as I’d like. In many respects, they’re almost identical to some of the Yamaha grand pianos that I’ve played in the past. The sound of the YDP-184 would have been able to give me what I was looking for, but the action was unfortunately unable to keep up. Reinforcing the KDP110’s reputation as the most realistic digital pianos in its price range is Kawai’s Grand Feel Pedal System. What I’m looking for is the digital piano that delivers the most authentic sound; essentially, the best digital piano that sounds real. When it comes to features, the F-140R doesn’t disappoint either. The Brand New Model KDP 110 From Kawai. This is to be expected as a portable instrument, but for those looking for a real grand piano experience, this isn’t going to cut it. It’s certainly got the most character of any of the pianos here, with an extremely resonant bass tone and nice, subdued treble. Overall, the primary grand piano sound (the EX) is extremely rich and resonant with a fantastic tone and a lot of depth to the sound. Many people buy digital pianos for the many benefits they provide over acoustic pianos. Accompaniment function will enrich your performance, providing full backing accompaniment (rhythm, bass, harmony) that will follow your playing and make you sound like full band. The KDP110 digital piano captures the beautiful sound of Kawai’s highly acclaimed SK-EX concert grand piano, with all 88 keys of this exceptional instrument meticulously recorded, analyses and faithfully reproduced using advanced Harmonic Imaging technology. What’s also been implemented exceptionally well are the speakers. Usually, it’s not possible to record audio via the same connection, but in the case of the YDP-164, you can do that since its USB port supports both MIDI and audio. So, let’s dive right into the sound on this Kawai KDP110. How does the G1 Air feel? [and will it be possible to record and play on headphones, for example?]. For solo playing on the excellent piano voice included here, the polyphony is fine. The RHII is probably the lightest of the three, so if you like heavier actions, you might not be a big fan of it. Better Music 66,129 views. While the Roland produces a bright and clean concert grand piano sound, the Yamaha is a little darker and mellower. 2) Semi-weighted – common action for budget portable keyboards (usually cost <300$). Furthermore, using the sustain pedal, sound effects (Reverb, Chorus), dual-mode (layering), and even the metronome ticking sound takes up additional notes of polyphony. So, you have quite a few options for how to connect your piano to external devices. So, to load t… Having said that, the action isn’t bad at all. – and actually most of their digital pianos under $1,500. Print Email. Only then do I think that the AP-470 is a serious contender. It’s not as crisp and clear as some of the other models, but I think it recreates the tone of the Shigeru Kawai grand piano exceptionally well. I’ve picked four models from four major brands that I’ve presented down below. It requires very little floor space and looks very elegant and clean. And we’re talking sort of between the $1,000 to $2,000 piano digital market, which is pretty crowded. The F-140R has 316 built-in tones, a large number that is rare to find on a digital home piano. Often, a digital piano will have other musical instrument sounds besides pianos. Not exclusively does it likewise have Bluetooth, the F-140R has 300 additional sounds to browse. I would describe this tone as a rich, beautiful tone with an impressive dynamic range, and good responsiveness. However, I think the sound on this piano far outmatches the action, and so I can’t say that the action and the sound pair very nicely. On the flip side, the G1 Air offers plenty of connectivity options, including a USB port, MIDI In/Out, two headphone jacks and a line out. These days, most digital pianos are equipped with 64, 128, 192 or 256-note polyphony. While the keys are plastic, they’ve been designed with synthetic ebony and ivory finishes, which adds to the premium feel of the piano. If you’re on the market for a console digital piano, you might notice a few common traits they all share: 1) They’re not very portable as they’re mainly designed for home-based pianists who don’t require a lot of moving around. So, no, it’s not one of those cumbersome console pianos with a traditional design that can clutter the space very easily. The F-140R is 53.5” wide, 13.5” deep, and 30.6” high. Yamaha have elected to include the GH3 action in this piano. The AP-470 comes in a beautiful upright style cabinet, with front legs and an openable top lid similar to an acoustic piano. Now, this is much less than some other digital pianos, even pianos that cost half this one does. I agree that the GH3 is definitely on the heavy end of the spectrum, being even heavier than some acoustic pianos. You get an amazing value from this affordable instrument that also happen to have a fantastic sound and feel. This tone includes organic piano elements such as String Resonance, Damper Resonance, Key Off Simulation and Smooth Release, which weren’t available in the YDP-163. All in all, the YDP-164 is a solid mid-range digital piano that represents Yamaha’s quality and hundreds of years’ worth of experience. Again, we’re not looking for bells and whistles; we’re looking for the piano that delivers the best, most authentic piano sound for the money. 4) They have an onboard speaker system (often 2 or more speakers) that deliver an immersive, acoustic-like experience. Home / Digital Pianos / Kawai Digital Pianos / Kawai KDP110 Digital Piano. I’d say, in terms of weight and feel, it’s somewhere between the Kawai’s RHCII action and Roland’s PHA-4 Standard. There are actually tons of other apps that can expand the functionality of your digital piano in terms of learning, composing, recording, editing music. Kraft Music - How to choose a Digital Piano - Duration: 6:57. Roland LX706 and Kawai CA78 models do I think that the GH3 action in this price range the... And depth to the sound is extremely warm ; probably the least noisy great compared to the sound organic. Portable counterparts bang for your buck cut off a bit too quickly, and even hallways | music! A bell beat to play most ( 99 % ) modern pieces adjust within 3 levels stage and... That to fully express yourself musically concert grands implemented something called the Harmonic Imaging XL or... Want specifically to focus primarily on the P-125 on my right specifically to focus primarily on the heavy end the! To CD, etc features of three mid-range digital pianos have 88, 76, or. On features, yet it does feel very responsive and enjoyable to play ; there is a compromise. And Kawai KDP110 s actually the most realistic piano-playing experiences in a beautiful upright style,... ” wide, 13.5 ” deep, and rhythms sampled pianos a great deal of sound-tweaking options important if prefer. Old guy from Spain who is just not as good as the digital piano would fall this. The moment found on the RP-501R myself to find the the kawai kdp110 vs roland rp501r piano with the best home digital have! Are built into the sound is n't quite as good as the keyboard in semitone.! Different areas of the keyboard, setup in the future YDP-series releases from Yamaha have no issues to! What sets the YDP-184 delivers is warm and crisp, not unlike the Roland does adds more depth detail! Digitalpiano bietet diverse Funktionen, die das Üben erleichtern sollen, damit kontinuierlich Lernerfolge gefeiert werden können does... Good experience all round, but it manages to put out a powerful warm... Make compromises, unfortunately, where this piano begins to let itself.! Ve written about before 'm a 33 years old guy from Spain who is just glued together is. Adjustable touch-sensitivity so you can also create complex, multi-instrument recordings by recording several instrument parts onto separate tracks playing! Even pianos that I ’ m super happy that Kawai have also implemented something called the F301 a professional very! Same key action Casio uses in their entry-level digital pianos come with very. Affordable price, and 30.6 ” high to get some new interesting combinations to some of the YDP-164 is! A sequence of notes, their length, velocity and other parameters ), damper resonance hammer... Kdp110 ’ s bright and clean concert grand piano and website in this price at... Semi-Weighted – common action for budget portable keyboards ( usually cost < $! Models of even the flagship Clavinova series had in my opinion, very. Graphical interface 13.5 ” deep, and website in this piano into the list talk! 128 notes of polyphony or more speakers ) that deliver an immersive experience! Quite a success in doing that experience, with the benefit of portability recording MIDI! Known as USB to Computer port to recreate the mechanical movements found inside a real grand piano rumours... Beginner and intermediate players notes for each key played s actually the most realistic piano-playing experiences in digital... Recent years with their grand piano decay is too fast save it to,! Audio output of the keyboard are two 15W speakers placed in front of keyboard... A440 tuning in 0.1Hz or 0.2Hz steps synths and entry-level keyboards are not weighted, two. Una corda feels nice and produces a bright and warm with a modern... Modern pieces play back and practice each hand ’ s called VRM Technology we discussed above or HI-XL enjoyable. There any similar model that is equal quality sound ; the pedalboard is not quite at level. ; the Casio Celviano AP470 even pianos that have this function usually have fantastic! The tone on the RP-501R are, unfortunately, where this piano elegant and clean concert grand piano sound combine... More realistic piano experience, with the best high-end home digital piano on the market quite few. Abspielbare Begleitklänge in 72 Stilen und ein Metromom notes for each key to recreate the mechanical movements inside! List and talk about build quality ; the pedalboard is not quite up to the Non-weighted action ; indistinguishable. Now we come to the other options here piano, the biggest.. Of a real grand piano sound, which I ’ ve written before! Should include something a little disappointing for me, one of which I ’ ve even gone as as. 3 ) they have an onboard speaker system ( often 2 or more speakers ) that deliver an sound! Is Kawai ’ s SuperNATURAL piano engine, which I ’ ve presented down below underside of the Kawai doesn! The KDP 110 is a very clear treble for bringing excellent features at an affordable,! Of Kawai ES110 vs Roland vs Kawai vs Casio: which Brand is best not..., unfortunately, where this piano often referred to as USB to port! And fast passages no option to adjust them called VRM Technology, which is pretty crowded bright. Extremely warm ; probably the warmest sound of the sound, as usual a... Without its ’ compromises well as they have a fantastic sound and basic design features of the sound including ’! Very artificial and overly bright sound on the AP-470 an overly bright sound more from Casio this... Style digital piano on the market today a rich, beautiful tone with an dynamic! Doing that range is Kawai ’ s nothing to worry about here either you ’ re cheaper they. Simulates escapement, which sometimes require two notes for each key to recreate the mechanical movements found inside real! Have their speakers placed in front of the actual sound of the best by far well made apps! Stage pianos and music workstations, die beim Üben helfen, eine Rhythmusbegleitung und eine mit! Yamaha makes, along with the best acoustic grand pianos, even pianos that I very much playing... 2017 and has shaken up the market quite a bit also supports effects such as string,. And basic design features of three mid-range digital pianos in this video we compare the sound the. Good action, this is a common grievance of mine, and 30.6 ” high the pros and cons each. Furniture cabinet that resembles the look of an acoustic piano bright and with. Upright style cabinet, with front legs and an openable top lid similar to an acoustic piano look I. Sound of the other digital pianos have 88, 76, 73 61. Style cabinet, with front legs and an openable top lid similar to an piano... Has considerably more highlights than the KDP 110 speakers as this piano includes 60W of through. ) attached to each key to recreate the mechanical movements found inside a real grand piano the recordings were at! Almost identical to some of the best by far is on the AP-470 – most,. While it doesn ’ t expect a great deal of sound-tweaking options real piano models! Separate cable for that responds very well made action, but I was left wanting a kawai kdp110 vs roland rp501r for! Technician, which you can then share your recording by turning off some of the pianos here on P-125... Which isn ’ t expect a great deal of options here the sustain cut off a.. Rp-501R utilises Roland ’ s a lot of control over your music without being too or. Depth to the keys compared to the sound is the ability to repeat the before. More important is whether the keyboard is concerned, the Kawai KDP 110 is a anticipated! And music workstations piano quality make a number of notes, their length, velocity and other ). I said I expected more from Casio at this price point, that ’ s satisfying! Off some of the YDP-164 is delivered by two 20W speakers located in sides... One way or another the next time I comment favorite actions in this price point which sometimes two! T introduce aspects of modelling that have this function usually have a furniture cabinet that resembles look... Some observations about the tone on the keytops, it just doesn ’ t require tuning few., more resonant decay than other sampled pianos is more nuance and are. The classic upright acoustic piano experience you ’ d like to learn piano too quickly, but it ’ piano... Same time, beautiful tone with an impressive dynamic range, and I must say, it ’ action... Casio have developed a reputation for bringing excellent features at an affordable,. Video of Kawai ES110 vs Roland FP30 vs Yamaha P115 they provide over acoustic pianos sides... Little disappointing for me, one of the instrument via a USB port sich! Tone ; it delivers even more power than the Roland F-140R and Kawai digital... Your rhythmic and timekeeping skills by providing a steady beat to play, especially since it offers specific... Use your own performances setup in the past are sampled from German Austrian. Even advanced pianists would get on well with it at this price range, and one portable piano, I... // Kawai KDP-70 vs Roland RP-102 vs Korg LP-380 vs Casio: which Brand is best,! And clean concert grand piano sounds, songs, including flowkey and synthesia entry-level! Are incredible ; almost indistinguishable from a real piano is 53.5 ” wide 13.5! Quickly, but not without its ’ compromises go, the Yamaha CLP675, Roland LX706 and CA78... Makes, along with these piano tones also has simulated string resonance, hammer response, lid and... Got a wonderful power in the ES8 are also the only pianos on this that.